Postpartum Support

Typically, we'll meet before the birth of your baby for an interview. We can do this outdoors, with masks on, or via FaceTime or Zoom. This is a great opportunity for you to ask me any questions you might have.

If your baby is already here, congratulations! Please know that any struggles you may be having now will not last forever! I would love to assist you in your adjustment and to connect you with any resources you might benefit from.

If after our initial interview we decide to move forward, we'll schedule an intake visit to talk about your anticipated needs and to develop a postpartum plan together. We'll create a plan that is comfortable, flexible, and customized for you to receive the support that you need or want during this time.

I am offering in-person support services to one family at a time.

I am also offering contactlessremote / virtual support services.

I support families from birth to 12 weeks postpartum.

I am offering daytime support at $25/hour.

I am offering nighttime support (5 hour minimum) at $35/hour

Some things I can do to support your household:

  • Assist you with postpartum planning so you feel better prepared

  • Deliver groceries, snacks or meals so you can be more easily nourished

  • Be readily available during hours we agree upon (either in-person or via FaceTime, phone, or text) to check-in, provide emotional support and assess what needs you may have

  • Make thoughtful referrals that are relevant to your needs

  • Create and coordinate your meal train with your community

  • Baby laundry (pickup and return within 24 hours)

  • Pickup and deliver baby items from stores so that you can stay home

Single Support Session


1 four-hour support session.

4 Support Sessions


This care package includes 4 four-hour support sessions at $90 per session.

8 Support Sessions


This care package includes 8 four-hour support sessions at $85 per session.

12 Support Sessions


This care package includes 12 four-hour support sessions at  $80 per session.

While working toward certification, I am offering my services at an introductory rate of $25/hour. In exchange for this discounted rate, I kindly ask clients to:

  1. Sign a confidentiality release form so that I am able to discuss ways I was able to support you and your family with DONA International.

  2. Complete a short evaluation of my services for me to submit along with my application for certification.

Tel: 720-394-5684

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